Your ideas, our proven process.

You and your team know what will best suit your business - our job is to make it happen. We do this via our tried and tested iterative design process, combined with industry standard technologies.

Our Process (How We Get Results!)

Software development is complex, and if you don't have a structure to your project it can quickly descend into madness. We use a four step process that we call "the 4D cycle" to make sure that we approach each project in a sensible, well thought out manner.

We always approach new software modules (regardless of size) in the same order - Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy. Each of these steps includes a testing and review phase, to make sure that the client is 100% on board before we move on to the next stage.

What does this mean for you?

  1. Peace of mind (We won't rush ahead in the wrong direction)
  2. You know what to expect next - and when!
  3. Lots of testing at each stage means no surprises.

The Devhouse 4D Cycle



We get a clear picture of your project and how it fits with your business objectives.



We work with you to design an innovative solution within your budget.



Our gurus get to work developing the solution using industry standard technologies.



We run through a comprehensive user testing phase followed by deployment.

Our Technologies

We use a combination of industry standard technologies to make sure that our solutions just work. Our code is rigorously tested and proofed by multiple developers and engineers before it goes live. This list is by no means exhaustive, and is regularly updated to make sure we keep up with industry best practices.

Core Web Languages

All our development work is based on the latest HTML, CSS & Javascript standards.


Supported frameworks include Jquery, Bootstrap, NodeJS and Angular JS.

Server Side Languages

We develop in both PHP and C# .NET, depending on the project requirements.


We develop and integrate APIs using popular formats such as JSON and XML.


We specialise in MySQL/MSSQL database design, development and integration.

Microsoft Integration

Integrate with Microsoft SharePoint, VBA or Active Directory for max efficiency!

Data Analysis

We have our own in-house analyst, and are familiar with PowerBI & Tableau.

eCommerce Solutions

We can integrate your PayPal, Stripe, Square Up, eWay or IntegraPay with your solution.

Mobile Development

Make the most of your solutions - we work with both iOS & Android mobile platforms.

Data Capture

Optimise your workflow with RFID, OCR, barcodes, POS systems and data terminals.

Accounting Solutions

We are experienced at integrating with popular packages such as Xero & MYOB.


Combine a custom Devhouse solution with your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics setup!


Get in touch with us and send some basic info about your project.