What we do.. (and why)

We believe an organisation's mission is not complete without knowing why you exist. We make it very clear. We're very passionate about Automation, Optimisation and Business Improvement.

Custom Cloud & Web Applications

A custom software solution is suitable when there is no software solution available off the shelf that is fit for purpose.

These days businesses need to look at innovative ways that not only help them remain competitive, but give them differentiation in their sector. Having a proprietary business system can give you the edge in a market where everyone else is operating from cookie-cutter work flows.

Devhouse has been delivering custom software solutions to Australian businesses for well over a decade.  Our team has what it takes to ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget.


Software & API Integration

It not uncommon for businesses to be running several different software solutions in various areas of their business.  This is usually because while those systems are fit for purpose, 9 times out of 10 they do not easily talk to each other.

This is where Devhouse can help. Our knowledge of complex integration via APIs (application programming interfaces) means that we can bring unprecedented operational efficiency to your organisation.

Increasing efficiency means that staff are freed up from administrative overhead in your business, meaning they have more time to build your business and look after your customers.

Database Design & Optimisation

Databases are at the very core of what we do. Good database design and architecture is imperative when looking at any software solution.  Properly implemented database solutions promote efficiency, reduce human error and shift the focus of your team to your business instead of its systems.

Badly implemented databases can limit the flexibility, scalability or effectiveness of your solution, often dictating long term success or failure.

We live and breath data and databases. You're in good hands with Devhouse.

Business Information Systems

Knowing software is one thing, knowing your business is another. 

Our vast experience in an array of industry sectors means that we can quickly understand your business challenges and the environment in which you are operating. This allows us to rapidly identify quick areas for business improvement and bring a unique multidisciplinary approach to the table.

Whether you are looking to optimise your processes, gain a commercial competitive edge or just strengthen your business's operational resilience, speak to us today about how our team can assist.

Intranets & Internal Systems


Internal Knowledgebases

Give your team the right information, at the right time.

Knowledge management is key to business growth, scalability and innovation. We can help you succeed.


Document Management

Document management has become more important than ever and no two businesses are the same.  

We can help give your staff the best platform for success.


ERP Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning is the lifeblood of any efficient business. 

Our insight not only can assist you with improving your business but give you a competitive edge.


CRM Systems

Customer Relationship Management systems are the bread and butter of all business these days.

Our team can assist you with ensuring you're strategically speaking to your customers.


Get in touch with us and send some basic info about your project.